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The identity

One of the main purposes for talking over the identity definition during and after war and between us is to recover from the need of vindicating or proofing ourselves to ourselves in the first place and to the other cultures and nationalities in the second place. The built-in characteristics that this identity gave us like the language, the accent, the religion, the customs and the traditions are the ones that we did not spend effort to have, but they were given to us by coincidence and are the ones that define our character and some of our behaviors.

The way that we should not neglect this identity and respect, what we are now is a constructive way of thinking and behaving in my opinion. To consider this identity, country and heritage as a mother or a grandmother that we can not neglect or leave.

Having the awareness of feeling peaceful with this identity and avoiding bragging will give us the chance to learn instead of having satisfaction with the heritage and the origins we have, or keeping obtaining fixed ideas or refusing new ones.

The fact that the cultural competitions are held between the world’s identities to bring out the various winners, force us to develop our tools, skills, techniques and communication language. This obtained experience will protect us as Syrian citizenship holders in the future from being isolated in the era of acceleration.

This experience including our architectural practice and implementation poses the need to have Syrian architectural buildings and edifices to represent our culture and identity by producing original creation that we can share with the world proudly.

Here, It is wise to mention that by cumulative productive work , to work smarter and harder, including years of experiences and efforts, raising our rating in the world will be inevitable.

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