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Software Radius M1225




Net 3.5. We purchased four M1225 radios from Best Buy. The one that had the scratches and two radios that were brand new. Our scratch radios came with the USB cable and the .Net 3.5 software. The brand new radios came with the BlueMax49ers cable and the .Net 3.5 software. Video: What this project teaches us ============================= The following is a list of items we learned during this project: - Being very meticulous during setup is essential in getting good results with the M1225. - Expect more than one test failure. Find out why and use your tools to correct them. - The chipsets are extremely difficult to program and when you get it right, your system will be 100% reliable. - The .Net 3.5 software is not really needed. You can get just as good results with .Net 3.5 software using the same IDE/compiler. - The only bad thing about the .Net 3.5 software is that it only allows you to program one radio at a time. You can program all the .Net 3.5 clones of the .Net 3.5 software, but you can only program one radio at a time. - You can use multiple USB to RJ-45 cables and the .Net 3.5 software to program all of the .Net 3.5 clones of the .Net 3.5 software. - The .Net 3.5 software has some pretty serious issues with memory leaks. - The BlueMax49ers cable is not needed. - The M1225 is extremely easy to program using the Windows .Net 3.5 software. - You can use multiple USB cables to program all the .Net 3.5 clones of the .Net 3.5 software. - A PCI wireless card works better than a USB wireless card. - The BlueMax49ers cable works as well as the .Net 3.5 software. - You can use a PCI wireless card with an




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Software Radius M1225

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