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Jul 30, 2022
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The final step is to review and act on the data. Data is useless without action. Pristine client-facing reports are not the point—better performance is. Let’s take a look at some of the questions we turned to data analysis for and use our tools to answer them. Google Analytics: What content is the most engaging? Google tells us in its own SEO Starter guide that “any optimization should be geared toward making the user experience better.” But how do you know which content your users are (and aren’t) engaging with? This can be a difficult question to answer, but the “Average engagement time” metric in Google Analytics 4 can help. It shows the average engagement time per user. Here’s how to see it for your organic visits: Go to Google Analytics 4 Click Engagement > Pages and Screens Click All users at the top Change the dimension to First User Medium Change the dimension value to organic Sort the table by “Average engagement time” from high to low You’re now seeing the most to least engaging pages on your website. GA Pages and screens report results You should still take this data with a pinch of salt because some pages will be longer than others. Having a low average engagement time on a 300-word blog post probably isn’t a sign that it’s unengaging; there just isn’t much to read. Dividing the workload like this whatsapp number list allows both the vendor and the affiliate to focus on their strengths. The improvements are similar on desktop and mobile. Most of the focus in 2021 was on mobile results. Similarly, you shouldn’t read too much into data for pages with few users because it’s unwise to base your decisions on small sample sizes. Search Console: How do I increase backlinks? Our study of over a billion pages found a clear relationship between organic search traffic and backlinks. So if you’re looking to increase traffic, backlinks are definitely something to pay attention to. To get more backlinks, you’ll need to answer the question: What content attracts backlinks? The answer can be found in Google Search Console: Go to Google Search Console Open the Links report Click More on the “Top Links Pages” report under the “External links” subheader Sort the report by “Linking sites” in descending order Look for patterns in the type of content-generating backlinks.
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